The Terran Empire's political field is dominated by the ANSOC Party (ANti SOCialist Party), whose members are relatives to the Apartheid government in South Africa and the survivors of the Nazi Party.
Save for extreme right-wing views, ANSOC shows little trace of the supremacism of its forerunners. Terran society is a meritocracy, and in theory everyone is equal, regardless of age, race or gender. It is true that power in the Hegemony comes with money and connections, but these are suprisingly easy to obtain for those who are smart and keen enough to understand, or at least grasp, the workings of the Party.

Because the Terran Empire is an autocracy, the Party is under the Emperor's full control and governs according to his decrees.

Although the Party and its departments have control over day-to-day life, any decision made can be changed or overturned by the Emperor or the Council.

Dissemination of party membership:

Inner Party
The handful of people that make up the Inner Party hold no official power, but like with any Terran government system documentation is only a formality.
The men and women of the Inner Party control the big buisnesses, such as weapons industry, trade, finances and electronics, as well as the secret police and the Inquisition.
Inner Party members are not indoctrinated, and obey the Emperor out of honor and respect; though the stratocratic workings of Imperial government is most likely the thing keeping them in check. Because each person controls a single branch, there is no competition between Inner Party members; as well as making coups impossible. The Inner Party's members are hand-picked by the Emperor and will usually turn out to be his friends or family. Of course, nanotechnological brain control also keeps them in check.

High Party
High Party members are the ministers, state secretaries and city mayors, and have direct power over their territories, that can only be broken by the Inner Party or the Imperial Council (see: Imperial Council)
High Party members are mildly inoctrinated.

Central Party
The Central Party members hold the seats in the city councils and make up the bulk of the directors and overseers of the government installations.
Central Party members have been somewhat indoctrinated.

Outer Party
Outer Party members have no power, and are merely lackeys and grunts doing the day-to-day paperwork that keeps the Dominion up and running.
Outer party members are fully indoctrinated

ANSOC Battle Flag

Party banner