Terror Tactics

Doom Troopers
(Heavily armored, no skin visible, don't make a sound, never speak. Will execute random people, torture soldiers and civilians alike in plain sight. Used to quell conquered populations if normal tactics are insufficient)

Doom trooper

mid-22nd century Doom Trooper

Scorched World
(scorch the earth, scorch the soil, destroy all options for life to redevelop on it's own)

Scorched earth

Planet designate AE-814, North Orion Arm. Former Assembly garden world after Scorched World tactic was deployed to quell the rebellious populace. Photo taken 2179.

Mist Ejectors
(used before terror battles, creates a dense, heavy fog that only IR, UV or night vision equimpent can see through)


Mist Ejectors engulf a city on Venus, prior to Terran forces reclaiming it. Photo taken 2177.

Terror Weapons

Acidic Gas
(stealth drones drop acidic gas onto military bases, military formations, population centers)

Canister Bomb (Napalm, Thermite, White Phosphorus)
(stealth drones drop these cluster bombs onto military bases, military formations and population centers)

Terror Gas
(stealth drones drop canisters of terror-inducing fumes and gases onto military bases, military formations and population centers)

Weaponized Pneumonic, Septicemic, Beubonic Plague, all in the same package.
(stealth drones drop Plague-carrying swarms of earosolized bacteria into enemy population centers)

Methylmercury tripmines
(when forces to retreat, engineers will place undetecteable methylmurcury anti-personnel tripmines in the abandoned settlements. When an enemy trips over the snare, two canisters of searing hot liquid methylmercury will spray their contents onto anyone unfortunate enough to be in the general area)