Formed by general Joshua Mitchell after the Terran Civil War, in an attempt to match Cruciland's pragmatic efficiency; the Steel Talons are a mechanized elite army suited for all types of groundside combat, as well as having limited naval capabilities. They are independent from the Terran Military, using transporters and teleportation grids to move their troops and ships into warzones. The Talons' modus operandi relies on overwhelming force and firepower to quickly rout or destroy enemy troop formations and overrun base defenses, but they can easily hold their own in a drawn out battle.

Following their formation, the Steel Talons quickly gained a reputation for their secrecy, aggressiveness and effectiveness.

The Steel Talons Division fields a relatively small number of powerful, heavily armored multipurpose mech walkers, heavy-duty aircraft, and a naval division that, unlike the Imperial Navy, relies on overwhelming firepower instead of maneuverability.






Aircraft Carrier

Converted Hammer of Dawn Dreadnought



  • F-S 24 'Thunderbolt' Stealth Fighter
  • Steel Talons Aircraft Carrier
  • Mk. 5 Orca Helicopter Gunship
  • M. II Wolverine Light Battle Mech
  • Mk. II Titan Heavy Battle Mech
  • Mk. III Juggernaut Heavy Artillery Mech
  • The Steel Talons also use the Hammer of Dawn class Guided Missile Battleship, converted to Dreadnought.
  • The Hammerhead class Gun Cruiser, the Talons' main warship.
  • The UT-7 Kodiak, main troop transport, mobile command center and fire support vessel.