Cerberus assault trooper

Cerberus Assault Trooper



Heavy Shock Troops Division

Origins: Cerberus, Mass Effect Universe.

Strength: 7500 excluding officers

Cerberus Fighter Wings
Cerberus fighter

Cerberus Fighter

Origins: Cerberus, Mass Effect universe

Strength: 20 Wings of 25 Fighters each

Usage: Tactical air raids (primary) ,forward air superiority (secondary)

Centurion Brigade

Combat Engineers Brigade

Atlas Company

Domestic Special Forces

Blackwater ITA

A private military contractor founded in 1997 in the United States, then absorbed into the Terran Military after the USA was conquered. Blackwater is the Empire's only PMC and has special priviliges, including private property and its own government (land owned by Blackwater is technically not a part of the Terran Empire), and can therefore go to war without the Emperor's permission.

Blackwater troops are among the best of the best, second only to the Imperial Guard; and easily rival the Steel Talons. These soldiers have been trained and prepared for all situations, and in every tactic the Empire deploys, meaning Blackwater soldiers have no weaknesses. This means only the best of the best can become part of this corporate army; and it has very well earned its place amongst the greatest military forces in history.

Blackwater's effective strength (excluding officers) is:

120.000 Light Infantry in 150 regiments

40.000 Heavy Infantry in 50 regiments

10.000 Grizzly APCs in 100 regiments

8.000 Cobra AHCs in 800 squadrons

  • Blackwater Light Infantry platoon, before departing to Fallujah, Iraq.
  • Blackwater Heavy Infantry soldiers fighting their way into Baghdad
  • Baghdad secured...
  • 'Grizzly' Armored Personnel Carrier
  • Cobra Attack Helicopter

Delta Force

Yet to be founded

Navy SEALs

Yet to be founded

Army Rangers

Yet to be founded