RP stats are usually determined by a plethora of factors, too many to list.

But here is a list of the Empire's strength in 2499, for those who (1 like a very tough challenge (2 are suicidally overconfident (3 are trolls, cheaters or number-wankers.

These stats are now canon!

TERRITORY: 15 full galaxies per universe (Terran Dominion has 3 Universes), average of 300 billion inhabited worlds over 37.5 billion systems(av. 8 planets per system and 10 billion free people per planet) and 1 trillion inhabited moons (av. 4 billion free people per moon). - Per Galaxy
POPULATION: 204 sextillion Free Terrans, 612 sextillion slaves, several sextillion Ghosts. (they who maintain the Drone Worlds)
Drone Worlds: a total of 1200 billion planets have been coverted to Drone Worlds who house the Dominion's gigantic amount of drone forces.


Space forces

1 Fleet Group per 4 systems

400 Fleet Groups per Galaxy

10 Fleet Groups of the Imperial Guard

8 squadrons of Drone ships (Destroyers and Carriers) per System

12.000 squadrons of Drone ships (Destroyers and Carriers) per Galaxy 

Ground forces (25% of Planet forces for Moons. All numbers exclude officers and support personnel.)

Infantry per planet: 2 billion

Airplanes per planet: 700.000

Gunships per planet: 30.000

Helicopters per planet: 150.000

Tanks per planet: 90 million

Other armored vehicles: 60 million

Battle Mechs per planet: 30 million

Stationary cannons per planet: 4 million

Mobile Artillery pieces per planet: 2 million

Tracked Artillery pieces per planet: 800.000

Rocket Artillery pieces per planet: 1 million

Capital Ships per planet: 400

Rocket Ships per planet: 300

Submarines per planet: 480

Aircraft carriers per planet: 128

Drone Tanks per planet: 4 million

Drone Airplanes per planet: 1.5 million

Drone Gunships per planet: 100.000

Drone Helicopters per planet: 50.000

Drone Walkers per planet: 600.000

Drone Battle Mechs per planet: 200.000

Robot Superheavy Troopers per planet: 120 million

MJC Drones per planet: 2 million

Orbital defenses (Orbital Defense Grid)

Ghost Guns: 60.000

Octopuses: 40.000

Gatekeepers: 20.000

Phoenix Battle Stations: 32

Ion Cannons: 40

Quantum Harmonizers: 32

Quantum Cascaders: 8

Kinetic Strike Guns: 100

Planetside defenses (Apocalypse Defense Grid, mainly concentrated around cities but runs a grid pattern over the entire surface area.)

FLAK guns per planet: 500 million

Assault Guns per planet: 60 million

Howitzers per planet: 80 million

MG nests per planet: 120 million

Autoturrets per planet: 50 million

SAM sites per planet: 30 million

Battle Bunkers per planet: 18 million

Missile silos per planet: 20.000

The no man's land around the Apocalypse lines is littered with undetectable fusion mines.

Super Weapons (In order of destructive force, top to bottom) (excluding the units carried by Starfleet)

Kinetic Strike Guns: 120 per Planet, 80 per Moon

Ion Cannons: 30 per Planet, 12 per Moon

Quantum Harmonizers: 4 per Planet, 2 per Moon

Quantum Cascaders: 2 per Planet

Supernova Missiles: 96

Quantumnuclear Missiles: 800 per Planet, 200 per Moon Vanquisher: Only 9 of these exist. They are intergated on Purifier Super Dreadnoughts.

Drone Planets

Infantry per planet: 2.700.000

Airplanes per planet: 30.000

Gunships per planet: 3.000

Helicopters per planet: 9.000

Tanks per planet: 60.000

Other armored vehicles: 400.000

Battle Mechs per planet: 100 million

Stationary cannons per planet: 10 million

Mobile Artillery pieces per planet: 0

Tracked Artillery pieces per planet: 0

Rocket Artillery pieces per planet: 0

Capital Ships per planet: 0

Rocket Ships per planet: 0

Submarines per planet: 0

Aircraft carriers per planet: 0

Drone Tanks per planet: 80 million

Drone Airplanes per planet: 50 million

Drone Gunships per planet: 4 million

Drone Helicopters per planet: 25 million

Drone Walkers per planet: 60 million

Drone Battle Mechs per planet: 45 million

Robot Superheavy Troopers per planet: 600 million

MJC Drones per planet: 1 billion

FLAK guns per planet: 1.5 billion

Assault Guns per planet: 200 million

Howitzers per planet: 160 million

MG nests per planet: 0

Autoturrets per planet: 500 million

SAM sites per planet: 300 million

Battle Bunkers per planet: 0

Missile silos per planet: 300.000

Drone Destroyers: 600.000

Drone Carriers: 400.000

Kinetic Strike Guns (groundside): 2000

Kinetic Strike Guns (orbital): 5000

Ion Cannons (groundside): 40

Ion Cannons (orbital): 100

Quantum Harmonizers (groundside): 12

Quantum Harmonizer (orbital): 30

Quantum Cascaders (groundside): 4

Quantum Cascaders (orbital): 8

Supernova Missiles: 500

Quantumnuclear Missiles: 200

Ghost Guns: 40.000

Octopuses: 10.000

Gatekeepers: 25.000

Phoenix Battle Stations: 200

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