WIP In the aftermath of the Battle of Europa, the Empire gathered its best and brightest to adapt their defenses for tactics similar to the ones Cruciland had used, in case hostile nations would have similar strategies and technology.

The Empire's main material for data storage, which was carbon fiber, has been replaced by positronics.

Since Cruciland hacked Europa's power grid so easily, even though all systems had their own network and power supply, drastic security improvements have been made: when an attemppt is made to hack, a massive feedback pulse of junk data, viruses and electric overloads will destroy the hacking system. Heavy incription and firewalls have been added, as well as DNA protection thhat ensure that, if anyone but a Terran tries to modify anything, the system shuts down and cleanses its memory banks, sending all data into the nearest BATTLENET server..

The old Apocalypse Grid could only track targets traveling up to Mach 7, now they can track targets moving at the speed of light itself.

The nanobots, which were defenseless and could be absorbed by Cruciland's own nanobots, have been outfitted with quantum particle shields, battery acid injectors and powerful EMP emitters to deflect assaults and destroy attackers.

The Orbital Defense Grids have been improved. Where they used to rely on booster engines and reflective sattelites, they are now self-propelled and can move their muzzles independently from its platform to aquire any target. Their range has also been improved from 300.000 KM to 40 light years.

Because Cruciland's MJC drones circumvented the Sep cities' shields by digging underneath, the Hydrokinetic Defense System has been adapted to form a sphere around the target that extends underground as well, replacing the original dome shape. Cruciland's MJC dorne swarms entered Terran space through artificial wormholes. Though it isn't possible to stop wormholes from forming, all orbital weapons have been programmed to make any wormholes collapse as soon as they begin to form, cutting off enemy access and effectively crushing anything already inside.

A new form of nanobot, the Shredder Bot, had been developed. These bots consume their targets and convert the waste to the building block of Terran constructs: dark matter.


BATTLENET is a military control system that incorporates all levels of command and control, as well as directing each individual piece of hardware; and has access to all data from sensors and LADAR. It uses this information to give directions to each individual computer in order to coordinate actions; however it doesn't directly control these computers for any enemy who gains access to BATTLENET could use it to shut down the defense grid. BATTLENET is spread out over several billion self-contained servers working in concert; only a handful are needed to operate the entire Terran military machine. Avoiding the use of a mainframe also decreases the sucurity risk in case of hacking attempts.