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And a semi-autonomous colony in another universe: (

Welcome to the Imperial Database!

The Imperial Database  is a collection of declassified files about the history, technology and operation of the Terran Empire. It it updates regularly as events take place and discoveries are made. This section of the Imperial Database is free to view for anyone.

Summary of the Terran Empire

It is the eternal year of 2499 and there is only war... War against aliens, against other Enlightened factions, against the numerous Human powers, even aginst our fellow Terr  DIE HERETIC! *BANG!* Sorry for that incident, we will hire a new author...

...What? Oh, you mean me?! I was hoping you'd say that. Okay, here we go... The direct continuation of the Byzantine Empire on one of the many Earths in one the many timelines of the Home Universe; the Terran Empire quickly became a regional, then global superpower, and finally rulers of the Solar System; after conquering the Milky Way the Empire set its sights on the rest of the Andromeda Cluster. After centuries of non-stop warfare, the Empire grew to be a superpower spanning 15 galaxies and has a free population of almost 17 sextillion. Later, the Terran Empire was reformed into the Terran Dominion and conquered two more universes. After populating and Terranizing these universes the Dominion attained the size and power it has today.

The Terran Empire is among the most modern factions in the known universe, due to its many scientists and researchers keeping its technology cutting-edge. Though most advances are made by improving on already existing technology, new inventions are no rarity, meaning the Empire's never-ending scientific and technological progress always has a suitable platform to function.

Most Imperial citizens have multiple degrees in academic subjects. Despite Indoctrination, the average IQ is 160, and every Terran owns 2 or more personal computers, at least 4 televisions, 2 cars; and unemployment is something unheard of.
For every Terran citizen there are 3 slaves, meaning the Terrans themselves, apart from military service, have to do no manual labor.
Although many Terrans own over a dozen firearms, crime is almost nonexistent due to the total control by the Secret Police and the Emperor. Any captured criminal is either reindoctrinated (for citizens) or publically executed (slaves), negating the need for a prison system.

Terrans' focus on weapons and entertainment is something that can easily be explained. The Empire has long been a land of inventors and soldiers, just like its Roman and Greek predecessors. And since menial labor has always been performed by slaves, even after the global abolition in which the Empire didn't parttake, the native Terrans have lots of free time on their hands.
Most of this time is spent playing video games, or real-life combat simulations like laser gaming and paintball, but many people also take their time to study and learn.

However the Terrans remain an isolationist people, and won't tolerate any non-allied foreigner within Imperial borders.
Since the 1970's Terran culture, which used to be far ahead of its time (equal rights for all free people, no generation gap, assertive population) has become stagnant, although its technology continued to advance much faster than the rest of the world.

Since the 2170's Imperial technology seemed to have reached its limits; although a civil war in 2184 led to some major advances Terran technology had seemingly become all but stagnant by 2350. This was a ruse to make all others believe the Empire was an easy target; this has helped the Terrans win many wars.

To summarize:
The Terrans are a smart, mostly crimeless, ferocious and inventive people who still hold their ancestors' traditions high.


The Terran Empire, its technology an amalgation of several eras and alternate universes, is an odd mixture of wealthy, decadent luxury, and dillapidated dinginess gritty, dillapidated dinginess. Its architecture is a mismash ofseveral types.

Terran. It used to be a demonym for the free citizens of the Terran Empire, then it became the name for the evolved descendants of Mankind.

Modern day Terrans are distinct from the original Home Sapiens Sapiens, because they still bear the traces of horrific genetic mutations from the Day of One Thousand Suns' survivors. Of the few million foreigners who survived this armageddon in fallout shelters, many couldn't last in the new, irradiated world. Most of them died, many others developed horrifying conditions and spent their last days in pure agony. The handful humans who did survive were turned into slaves by the, now genetically unrecognizable, Terrans. Terran genetic and DNA mutations and deformities were compensated and cemented, and our ancestors started to evolve into a new species. 

Terrans have skin tones ranging from Caucasian (light) to Turkish (Dark), with Greek and Hebrew colors in the middle. They usually have dark or grey eyes and hair; and very little body hair. The average Terran stands at 210 centimeters with no notable difference between men and women. The average man weighs 100 kilograms, the average woman weighs 76 kilograms. Terrans are slender, have very little body fat, but are sturdy and muscular, though their looks wouldn't suggest it; Terrans are considered attractive by all (near) human species. Terrans, because of this great strength, are rigidly built. Until 2185 ,the Terran body had a finite lifespan of about 8000 years; with the new level of nanotech the living body is now static. Research was made to achieve biological immortality without nanobots, and this has since been achieved: nowadays only lethal harm can kill Terrans. Between 2200 and 2250 a new mutation took place, massively increasing brain capacity and removing the 'detail filters' and 'priority filters', meaning Terrans now remember everything.

Bones, muscles, nerves, organs and blood vessels are still present but unnecessary as nanotechnology takes care of all their functions; but they are left in as a failsafe, should an attack or disaster destroy or disable the bots.  T'he nanobots only assist these processes.

However, due to the use of nanotechnology and heavy genetic alterations Terrans have become incapable of physical reproduction, meaning all newborns have to be grown in special facilities. Despite the flaws of this system many consider it a victory, as it further cements gender equality. Another, more disturbing side effect is that evolution has all but halted and the Terran genes have become very malleable, but instead of what some might think, Terran genes absorb and assimilate foreign materials instead of being damaged by them. Terrans are also immune to all forms of disease and radiation; all infected molecules (foreign and domestic) are converted into raw materials which are used to repair all damage in mere picoseconds (both by Nanobots and the body itself). This als means Terrans can absorb or break down any matter they touch, meaning any enemy foolish enough to get into CQB is good as dead. As of 2185, biotechnology from the Mass Effect Universe's Reapers gave Terrans something akin to a hive mind, whilst preserving individuality. Terrans can sense each other's thoughts and emotions but few can actually read them, (telepathy is a real thing, deal with it.) as well as being able to sense the presence location of other Terrans. This essentially makes Terrans, at least by old standards, a sort of not-quite-Humans

Terrans, unlike normal Humans, can see color in the 21HZ spectrum instead of 14HZ, and have 5 eye cones instead of 3. What that means: well, that's what Wikipedia is for!

After years of brutal experimentation on slaves involving: liquid lead, hydrogen, helium, radon, neon, argon, X-rays and sulfuric acid, a new treatment has been developed
that makes Terrans able to produce oxygen out of radiation, and makes them resistant to said radiation, extreme cold and extreme heat, meaning they can now survive in space without nanobots;our bodies have adepted to this making the process occur naturally.
It also allows the body to regenerate extremely fast, further making the nanobots redundant. PSYCHIC POWERS

All Terrans are natural psychics, but some are more powerful than others. There are 4 classifications of psychic power:




Main recruitment pool for the Inquisition and BPA.


Terran language: Kalmar

Kalmar uses the same grammatical structure and syntax as American English (difference:<u> the noun proceeds the verb</u>), but is infinitely more complex: there are several words for everything, and each of these words are used in a different context and situation; as well as being closely linked to the speaker's views and emotions about whatever he's talking about. There are cases wherein a word completely changes meaning when said in different locations, and pronounciation matters a lot. Kalmar also contains many more words than English, many vowels are pronounced like consonants, and words have many possible contractions who all have completely different meanings. The Terran lauguage also has hundreds of thousands of words for things that don't exist in Earth languages, and they put some sort of emphasis on every second word, making this language unneccesarily complex. The Terran written language has 960 letters, more than 800 punctuation marks and over 1400 other characters; this makes the Terran language impossible to learn for anyone who isn't Terran by birth.

Transliterating the Terran language, that sounds like a mixture of Russian, Scandinavian, German and random gibberish to any Earth speaker, is extremely difficult and will make all speech seem either more fancy, polite and sophisticated; or more rude and course than it actually is. The most common letters in transliterated Terran names are A-S-O-C-K-T-V-I-D. Translated Terran names usually end up as Ancient or 20th Century Earthen names, though many are untranslatable. (Ex. Admiral Marcus Ravik, Jonathan Kovasid etc.) This aslo leads to ships seemingly bearing the same names, while this is not the case. (Ex. There are over 1000 Imperial warships with different names; all of them translate to ISS Revenge. This is even worse with words like Victory and Glory. Sometimes a single Terran word translaetes into an entire phrase, ex. ISS Herald of Shadows Soon to Descend upon the Enemies of the Teran People.)

Capitol city

The Empire's largest city of Capitol City. To put things in persepctive: this part is considered a slum.

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