The Joint Strategic Operations Command is the League's emergency government in times of crisis, as well as serving as the League's political front during peacetime.

In times of crisis, the JSOC nations recieve control over the other nations' resources and assets, and the JSOC members are authorized to use them any way they see fit, as long as the majority of JSOC nations agrees. Control over foreign resources is relieved immediately upon the end of a crisis.

Priviliges and responsibilities in peacetime

In peacetime, JSOC members act as foreign ambassadors and diplomats, and may give out passwords to aspiring members.
No JSOC member may make large decisions on his own, as the League is a direct democracy and all votes count equal.

Usually JSOC members aren't more important than regular members, but they have more influence on regional politics and responsibilities come with power.
Normally spoken, JSOC membership is permanent. Members can only be expulsed if a majority finds them oppressive.
JSOC members cannot be expulsed for reasons as incompetence or beligerence, as the JSOC nations have to handle the most pressure at any given time.
JSOC members can resign for any reason when not at war.

To be eligible for JSOC, a population of 800 million or more is required, as well as a majority of votes from other JSOC nations.
Regular members can apply themselves or another for JSOC membership, whereupon the current members will decide whether or not to accept them.
JSOC has a limited number of permanent seats (5 at this time, this number will increase as the region grows) so if all spots are full the aspiring member will have to wait until another resigns or more places become available.

JSOC Stalingrad class Spacecraft Carrier, 2150.