Treadstone War (21st century): Costly but crushing victory

First Assembly War (22nd century) : Minor victory

Terran Civil War (22nd century) : Costly victory

Conquest of the Orion Arm (22nd century): Major victory

Second Assembly War (2nd century): Crushing victory

Xeno Conflict (22nd century): Major victory

Conquest of the Milky Way (22nd century): Major victory

Mass Effect War (22nd century): Major victory

Four Way War (23nd century): Crushing victory

Great Northern War (23rd century): Crushing victory

Dominion War (23rd century) : Status quo ante bellum, major tactical victory.

The Galaxy Rebellion (23rd century): Victory

Reclamation Wars (23rd century): Crushing victory

Dark Mirror Conflict (24th century): Crushing heroic victory

Legacy War (24th century): Heroic victory

Home Universe Wars (24th century) : Crushing victory, creation of the Terran Microverse

BPA - Imperial Starfleet Conflict (24th century): BPA victory, Starfleet supreme command transferred to the Imperial government. Starfleet Command purged and mostly replaced by officers loyal to the Emperor instead of the Empire as a whole. (What did you expect, this is partially based on W40K!)

Terran Rising (24th century): Heroic victory, Terran Empire attains the status of a titanic superpower.

Three-way War (24th century) : Major victory

Babylon War (24th century): Costly but major victory

War against the Elder Races (24th century) : Crushing victory

The Shallows Conflict (24th century): ongoing

Equilibrium War (24th century): ongoing

Downfall of the Federation: Minor victory (relatively minor, as the Federation was quit large but merely an insect compared to the Terran Empire)