Early Byzantine flag

The Byzantine Pelagian flag carried over as the banner of the Terran Hegemony

Imperial Anthem

Starfleet anthem

Military anthem

History of the Terran Empire from 1453 to the present (2499) (WIP)

Before 1453: See List of Byzantine and Terran Emperors 

  • The Byzantine Empire under Empress Sophia Komnenos was the world's most powerful, progressive, wealthy and cultured nation, which brought peace, safety and prosperity to a huge swat of the Old World. (1220) Empress Sophia was famous for being both a kind, forgiving ruler and a ruthless and brilliant military strategist. It was under her rule that the Empire became hegemonic.
  • The Byzantine Empire at its greatest extent after the Carolean Conquests. The Carolean Dynasty was much more totalitarian than the Komnenus. Carolus III Justinian was the final Byzantine Emperor, and reigned over the young Terran Empire until his death in 1486.

In 1453, after the Byzantine Empire was reformed into the Terran Empire, the dying wish of Byzantine Emperor Carouls III Justinian, the Empire's people were divided between ethnic and religious lines. After decades of bloody civil wars, notable for the Government's increasing scientific and technological prowess, the Terran Empire emerged as the world's first secular superpower.

From 1470 onwards, Europeans started to come to the new nation, the first of many immigration waves into the Terran Empire.

Over the next 130 years the Terran Empire lost its focus on piety, and began construction of a direct governmental system with the Emperor gaining all the powers of the old Roman Emperors, and research and technology increased by a thousand fold.

By 1600, Terran population was large enough to expand the nation. Its cities were bursting with people, and being the most modern country in the world the Empire's armies advanced in every direction, conquering huge swaths of land in very little time. Over the next decades, new cities were erected, and society started to transform from warlike but isolated to a full-fledged warrior race. Many wars were fought with native African tribes; all of them were won by the Empire.

In 1725 the Imperial government started to purge the Empire's lands of religion. (see: Religion in the Hegemony) By 1760 it had all but vanished.

In 1780 the Emperor devised the process of Indoctrination. (See: Indoctrination)

By 1800 the Empire's technological advancement was starting to stagnate, and would since them remain at European level of advancement, although the Terran equivalent would be uncomparable to it's European derivative.

Between 1816 and 1876 the Empire fought a great number of wars in South America, and gained great influence on the continent; although they didn't claim any land.

BPA founded in 1862.

Until 1914 there wouldn't be anything notable, with everything stable and fine.

1914: With the outbreak of WWI, the Terran Empire prepared for war against the Brazilian Empire. The invasion came in early 1915, and the fighting lasted until the Brazilians surrendered in 1919. Although the Empire'd gained nothing, it's disproportionate victory (6,000 Terran dead to 580,000 Brazilians) would lead to the rest of th world to finally realize the Empire was more than a relic of the days gone by.

During World War II, the Empire conducted it's private war in the western Soviet Union; the outcome was a smashing Imperial victory. Although the conquered lands weren't retained, the Soviets would have to pay tribute to the Empire, giving it a major economical boost.

It is important to know that the Terran Empire developed nuclear missiles as early as 1937, but hadn't used them so far.

In 1967, when tensions with Saudi Arabia were reaching critical mass after a government-funded armmy of terrorists caused a six week long war that caimed the lives of 20 million Imperial citizens, the Emperor pushed the red button for the first time, sending 300 kilotons of ionized deuterium flying into the Peninsula. The Saudis attempted to retaliate, but tactical air strikes destroyed the remains of the Saudi's nuclear stockpile. The result: 40 million dead Arabs.

The Empire became a political player in 1972, when they joined the First World in it's quest to keep the Reds at bay. The Imperial Military would fight a covert war in China from 1973 to 1978, ending in a Terran proxy government being installed for the coming 25 years.

The Empire's technology made a comeback in 1984 that hasn't slowed down to this very day, only interrupted by the Day of One Thousand Suns.

A second nuclear war followed in 1993, where Pakistani separatists launched almost 5,000 nuclear missiles against the Empire. The Apocalypse Grid shot all of them down, but the fallout lasts to this day.
The Empire's wrath was enormous. Launching all 800 missiles Pakistan was reduced to the sandy wreck it is today.
(Note for non-indoctrinated officials: Pakistan used to be a very fertile, lush ,green land)

The Day of One Thousand Suns: June 16, 1998
After refusing to cope with the UN's demands to repay the Bosnains for aiding Serbia in the Civil War, the United States and NATO launched an all-out assault against the Empire. (notice for non-indoctrinated historians: NATO usually not this agressive. Nuclear attack caused by Terrans still owning slaves, massacaring Bosnians and Islamic Croats, using civilians as human shields, utilizing of neurotoxins on population centers) Their cruise missiles were all shot down, as were their aircraft. The Imperial Navy smashed the Coalition fleets the following day. Knowing retaliation was imminent, the Coalition sent every plane it had left to into Imperial airspace. The Apocalypse Grid did it's work, but that was what the enemy had planned for. These planes all carried nuclear devices that were rigged to detonate when it's carrier went below 200 feet. (notice: planes were converted to drones, attack was no suicide mission)
The devastation was horrendous. At least 300 million people were killed from radiation poisoning, and most of the land had been contaminated. However, the Empire's nukes were still ready to go. Two hours later, the Western world was a smoldering ruin. (Terran cities remained intact due to radiation shields, most of urban population death toll caused by famine and dehydration due to critical shortage of sustenance)

NDF Indoc

Imperial Guard Private, 12 days after the attack.


Day of One Thousand Suns. 1.2 KT nuclear device explodes near Kenyan coast.

After the Day of One Thousand Suns, the Empire abolished the ancient right to found semi-autonomous states within Imperial territory. Although this cost the Empire a huge percentage of its land, this decision would pave the way for centuries to come.

Early 21st Century
May new lands had sprung up from the devastation on June 16th, but the United States had survived just as we did, only without its larger cities.
The Terran population, once reduced to a few hundred thousand, was now in the millions, and the Empire's formerly gargantuan economy and armed forces were slowly but surely being revived.
Carrier group

Carrier group in the Aegean Sea, 2012

In 2024 the Empire had rebuilt its armed forces, who were now more advanced than any army in the world. A war of conquest was launched with the ultimate goal of uniting all mankind under Terran banner. Earth was conquered by 2032, under full control in 2044, and pacified by 2050.

The first swarm of VI-controlled Nanobots started being mass-produced.

The space program was started in 2055, and the first colony on the moon was complete in 2060.

2064: The Nanobots are upgraded to AI

By 2075, all humans called themselves 'Terran".

2076: Nanobot technology is now advanced enough to replace the old AI types by self-aware, non-interlinked bots.

Mars was first colonized in 2078, Venus followed in 2080.

The Terran Hegemony Colonies were founded in 2087.
Byzantine flag

The Terran Colonial flag, a recolor of the original Pelagian banner.

The program to construct deep-space capable ships began in 2092.
These ships were retrofitted to accomodate military systems in 2100, and by 2118 Imperial Starfleet consisted of 400 warships.

Starfleet's ships were redesigned as full warships in 2129.

Starfleet reaches its current size in 2156.

By 2166 the Nanobots had advanced far enough to reproduce themselves out of environmental resources.

The way to travel between fractal timelines was discovered in 2170.

First Contact was made in 2172, with the Dwarves of West Olwe, with whom the Empire quickly allied. Between 2172 and 2175, many more alliances would follow, although many others have declared to be against the Empire. Fortunately no war would come until the Empire was ready.

By 2176, the Terran Hegemony and its colonies spanned the entire habitable Solar System, although FTL technology had yet to be developed.
Several Human civilizations have been discovered to inhabit the Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy and their adjacent systems, so alliances were formed with several other powers; though numerous enemies were made as well.


The Galactic Assembly declares war on the Teran Empire. The Anti-Assembly League is formed in response. The Assembly invades with 10% of its total forces, but cannot defeat the League. After six months of fighting, the Assembly was still sending more and more ships and soldiers into the grinder, only to be destroyed by League forces.

League members in 2177
AAL flag

Banner of the Anti-Assembly League

Terran Hegemony

Terran Hegemony Colonies

Grand Duchy of West Olwe (Dwarf Humans)

The Grand Empire of Breezedawn (Humans) (Left in 2185)

The Free Land of the Almighty Autobots (Cybernetic Humans)

The United Serene Republic of Trentica (Humans)


The League launches several attacks into Assembly space, and although casualty rates were in the League's favor, the Assembly was simply too large to defeat. The front became static by the end of 2179.


The galactic community responds. Several thousand species ally with the League, although many more declared their neutrality. With these reinforcements, the League steamrolled the Assembly in weeks.  By september of 2180 a peace treaty is signed, and some Assembly members even allied with the Terrans and their allies.


FTL engines are acquired by trade with Cruciland, an interstellar superpower populated by a race who look like Demons from Old Earth's mythology; making Starfleet capable of interstellar travel.


Cerberus, a Human survivalist faction from another Earth, joins the League, and sets up a research base in Terran space, defended by a Dreadnought and 4000 elite troopers.


In early 2184, a xenophobic and omnicidal Separatist movement took control of the Jupiter system in a bloody coup d'etat, cutting Starfleet off from its main fuel supplies. After 8 months of heavy fighting, the Terran Military had driven the Separatists back to Europa, but at a steep price. Unwilling to risk border security by calling more ships to Jupiter, High Command called for reinforcements. Cerberus sent its best regiment of 5 cruisers and 400 elite shock troopers (later reinforces by 5 cruisers, 5 more frigates, 1 dreadnought and the 203rd Heavy Assault division), and Cruciland sent an entire army to aid. Operation Aurora was about to commence.


New Alstedt, Europa's capital city; rebuilt in a retro-futuristic style after being wiped out by Cruciland.

Although the Rebellion lasted 8 months, the Battle of Europa started and ended on the same Earth day. The Separatists had been wiped out completely.

In 2185, the areas affected by the Civil War had fully recovered, and a peecekeaping force from Cerberus, Trentica and Olwe has been stationed on Europa. Also, a new generation of nanobots was brought into production which made the Terrans' bodies completely ageless by crafting repairs for telomeres, and a stunning medical breakthrough involving Ceasium-137 and Americium-241 has led to a treatment which can keep the body's molecules in eternal stasis, furthering the Terran quest for immortality. The new nanobots have another major advantage: where the older versions could be fried with eloctromagnetic pulses, the new nanobots use electromagnetism for power(-distribution). New chemo- and gene enhancements have made the Terran race even less dependent on bodily nanobots by increasing resilience, healing, edurance and overall survivability. This is because the formerly inflexible skin is now more rubber-like in composition, allowing for more energy storage; both better sturdiness and malleability mean weapon fire and other manmade, natural or environmental hazards can simply pass right through the body without damaging it. Also, brain damage used to be one of the few ways to reliably kill Terrans, this is no longer true. AI cores now share the brain's functions and memory, meaning persons retain their full functionality and personality even if their brains are completely destroyed.

The Almighty Autobots were wiped out in an unknown cataclysm.

The Republic of Miserabler, a relatively small Human faction, joins the League.

A semi-autonomous colony in another universe called Terra Novam is established. It is also discovered that time in this universe flows much slower than in the Home Universe.

Colony flag

Flag of Terra Novam

(Imperial history after 2185 is, as of now, classified but will be added when available.)

Between 2185 and 2499:

The Terran Empire was reformed from Hegemony to Dominion. - 2190

Swarms of nanobots were released into outer space, atmospheres, biospheres and planet cores to give the government control of natural processes, climate and weather. -  2194

The Nanobot Non-Offense Act is legislated; this prevents Grey Goo scenarios. Shredder Bots to be used on small scale only and normal nanobots may not create hazardous environments unless DEFCON 1 declared.  (will elaborate) - 2200

New super weapon: missile that causes stars to go supernova. (will elaborate) - 2206

Energy shields developed (will elaborate) - 2210 

Armed Forces Intergation Act legislated - 2212 (will elaborate)

Many flaws and jinxes ironed out. Empire appears to still have these but they really don't; this is to give the enemy a false sense of security. 2212 to 2236 (will elaborate)

Terra Novam becomes fully autonomous, but remains a part of the Terran Dominion. -2285

After a series of wars in 2350, the Terran Dominion destroys the largest part of its home universe, and encases what little is left inside a giant kinetic barrier, thus essentially cutting them off from the multiverse. The Imperial universe is now only accessable by pinpoint interdimensional travel; even a slight miscalculation can lead to ships getting stuck in the Void,or ending up in Corrupted space.

Invasion into alternate universe, Purifiers destroy most of it, the Universe is moved to border the Home Universe and undergoes the same treatment of the Home Universe. Most indeginous aliens exterminated, survivors enslaved. Between 2360 and 2370

The same thing happens to another alternate universe. Between 2372 and 2378.

Humanity is released from slavery, slaves are completely replaced by aliens. Humans altered and indoctrinated to become real Terrans. Some Humans decide to rebel. After recieving the Terran treatment they enlist in Starfleet, eventually clustering together and stealing warships. Piracy begins. - Between 2380 and 2390.

In 2404, an expedition is launched into an alternate timeline of the Home Universe. The Cadian Dominion is absorbed into the Terran Dominion as an autonomous state.

The Terran Hegemony now posesses the entire Home Universe, while the Colonies take over the other 2 Universes. Free population at this point has grown to 106 sextillion, not counting Terra Novam. Between 2404 and 2408.

Population Program is initiated. Free population grown from 106 to 204 sextillion. All 3 Terran universes become fully populated. Between 2412 and 2440.